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With several years on and off camera, including her time as Casting Director, Production Manager & Production Coordinator, directing has become a natural part of Deb’s journey. 

Directing a few Video projects of her own such (Click on the first two to watch them):

BIG ROCK.mpg - Top Ten Uses” 30 second commercial

wifta.mpg” 30 Second Public Service Announcement (Does Violence Hit You Where You LIve)

Sheet Happens – What is Sheet Metal” 10 min recruitment video

The Trades – Mechanical insulator” 8 min recruitment video

Deb continues to direct several of her Voice students in her intense Voice Workshops, Demo productions and Voice projects.  Also currently in development stages, Deb will be looking to direct her own Animated series and more. 

Deb Munro is confident, determined, clever, assertive, energizing, authoritative, playful, passionate, driven, creative, insightful and knows exactly what to do to get what she needs, no matter what task she takes on.  Watch for more in this category to come soon.

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