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Your Demo

You cannot begin your voice career without it, yet you can’t produce it until you are 100% ready.  How frustrating; can’t get the agent, unless you have the demo, can’t make the demo unless you have the training and you can’t make any money unless you have all three.  What happened to the good old days when a homemade cassette tape was good enough? Times have changed and it’s extremely important that your demo reflect today’s needs whether it’s your first one or you’re an experienced pro.

There is much contradiction regarding “the demo”.  Demo requirements change frequently, but one requirement that will always remain is reflecting your “Personality”.  The number one feeling you want to leave behind is that the listener take a piece of your personality with them! 

Just as the hammer is to a carpenter, a scalpel to a surgeon, the demo is a tool no voicer can do without.  If you are an experienced voice talent, you may have enough material to put a great demo together, but is it truly your best work?  There is an art to creating just the right demo.  It is important that you research first, hire a writer if you need to, just the right producer and make sure they offer a top notch voice director. Don’t direct your own sessions regardless of your talent level and make sure that no matter who you hire, they care about your results.

We have just the solution - Chanti Studios is proud to present our Demo production team:

Head Director/Writer/Coach – Debbie Munro

Debbie has produced over 50 demos in various genres to date.  With a broadcast degree and over 15 years experience in various aspects of the industry, Debbie puts a unique twist to demo production.  Getting top direction and just the right script is key and Debbie understands this.  Through her extensive training with top coaches from around the country, she knows how to create a demo for you that is current, cutting edge and brings out your BEST work. Using your talent, personality, humor and even your writing skills, add Deb Munro’s creativity, experience and direction, then combine that with the amazing MIC & ME production team, you have found the perfect recipe for award winning productions. 

Custom packages available.

Specialty Writers

Tom Edwards (Comedy bits)

Tom’s specialty is comedy.  Along the lines of monty python, Saturday Night Live and beyond, Tom adds so much character to your copy.  He’s worth investing in and will create a script with you in mind.  Check his amazing site  Tom is a gifted comedian, actor, voice talent, singer and writer.

Amy Color

(Commercial/Character straight & comedy) 

One of the most talented demo script writers we’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Add in Color to your Character and Commercial scripts, she’s worth hiring.  Not to mention great actress/voice talent and one of the top graphic designers of our time; creating logos such as Van Halen, NFL Sunday Ticket and more.

Jean Freeman (Variety and Dialogue)

Jean Freeman, aka “Grandma” on the hit TV series “Corner Gas”, is not only Actra member #001, director and public speaker, but she’s also a fantastic writer.  A gifted actor, Jean knows how to create scripts that are catered with today’s writing trends in mind.  For those specialty dialogue spots, commercials, narrations, creative message on hold and more, Jean offers her own special nature into everything she does.  A true veteran, Jean will never let you down.

Our Amazing Sound Production Team:

Seann Shaffer

An engineer that not only knows demos, but has one killer voice!

Seann has been a valued member with the MIC & ME team, and is our senior engineer. Taking your production to the next level with his creative spin, Seann will create a demo that will separate you from the rest. Working as an imaging producer for more than six years, Seann puts his heart and soul into what he does.

Dave Cockram

One of Deb’s favorite students, voice talents and one of the first Vancouver Engineers to join the team.  Dave has been working 8 Years in Radio Production for stations across the Country.  Featured in Radio and Production Magazine

And a Gold Ribbon Nomination for "Station Image" at 2006 CAB Awards. 

We are so lucky to have Dave on our team.

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